Sunday, 18 December 2016

Falling for the forbidden...

Ever thought why you always fall
for the forbidden nectar
Over the thick sweet honey
you've always had faith on
Homemade with the roots
you've always known and never doubted
Yet you are summoned
by the charms of the unknown
Is it for the charisma they carry
calling you to the spirit world
Or the untamed urge to try maybe
just a sip no more no less
Though the taste turns out to be an urge
Once a spark now turned to a flame
Asking for only more
even after you've been deceived
Is it for the thirst I wonder or
Fear of losing the spark that created memories
Which later turned into your worst nightmares
Oh I wonder heaving a sigh
staring at the empty space
Having had a meaningless flashback
and futile thoughts of no clear explanation...

Figuring out Fallacies... Dated Thu, 15th Dec 2016...