Saturday, 1 October 2016

Stupidous Spark

How silly can a spark be! Oh dear;
Not again... How can I be sure?
That tingling feeling
that keeps you on the tip of your toes
And lose your breath even for a split second
That uneasy tinge of a dancing flame
Putting my heart strings on a beat of a tango
At times I wish I were heartless
So emotions won't rule my heart over brain
I wonder as I look back at all the stupidity
that overruled my decisions
Am I gonna fall again to witness
Another tragic drama unfolding before me
Or should I step back
not giving way to this absurdness
Forget about the goosebumps
that send a chill down my spine
Or that momentous thought that;
I've to check up and buzz to see
what's going on the other side
A second's silence... I heave a sigh...
of relief or emptiness, I do not know
Oh well... Another misery or a mystery
I'm yet to find out...

...Threads of thoughts crafted on 20th Sep... Tangled Threads of Thoughts... 


  1. Finding is it a misery or a mystery is the most difficult part of a ones storied.

    1. Rightfully said; is it the heart or the brain or what we'd wish for a getaway?

  2. In my opinion you should not getaway from either brain or heart. Let them talk to each other and come up with the best desicion.