Saturday, 1 October 2016

Holding it inside...

Heaving a sigh of disappointment
Feeling my soul has entered a black hole
A shrill of emptiness has wrapped my heart
Every second I wonder why it took an unexpected turn
As I make a futile effort to picture the dragon rider
Recalling when he rose from the ashes
With etched dragon markings across his chest
Never I thought those were the signs of a dragon heart
A heart and soul which were only meant for another dragon heart
And no light paved my path across the black mountains
I feel I'm draining my soul that no longer ignites a spark
Every soothing whisper, electrifying touch
and soul gaze were only making me distant further
As I hold it inside... This pain... This emptiness
The reality... Left with only despair...

Random thoughts held inside... Dated 10th Aug...

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