Sunday, 18 December 2016

Falling for the forbidden...

Ever thought why you always fall
for the forbidden nectar
Over the thick sweet honey
you've always had faith on
Homemade with the roots
you've always known and never doubted
Yet you are summoned
by the charms of the unknown
Is it for the charisma they carry
calling you to the spirit world
Or the untamed urge to try maybe
just a sip no more no less
Though the taste turns out to be an urge
Once a spark now turned to a flame
Asking for only more
even after you've been deceived
Is it for the thirst I wonder or
Fear of losing the spark that created memories
Which later turned into your worst nightmares
Oh I wonder heaving a sigh
staring at the empty space
Having had a meaningless flashback
and futile thoughts of no clear explanation...

Figuring out Fallacies... Dated Thu, 15th Dec 2016...

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Holding it inside...

Heaving a sigh of disappointment
Feeling my soul has entered a black hole
A shrill of emptiness has wrapped my heart
Every second I wonder why it took an unexpected turn
As I make a futile effort to picture the dragon rider
Recalling when he rose from the ashes
With etched dragon markings across his chest
Never I thought those were the signs of a dragon heart
A heart and soul which were only meant for another dragon heart
And no light paved my path across the black mountains
I feel I'm draining my soul that no longer ignites a spark
Every soothing whisper, electrifying touch
and soul gaze were only making me distant further
As I hold it inside... This pain... This emptiness
The reality... Left with only despair...

Random thoughts held inside... Dated 10th Aug...

Stupidous Spark

How silly can a spark be! Oh dear;
Not again... How can I be sure?
That tingling feeling
that keeps you on the tip of your toes
And lose your breath even for a split second
That uneasy tinge of a dancing flame
Putting my heart strings on a beat of a tango
At times I wish I were heartless
So emotions won't rule my heart over brain
I wonder as I look back at all the stupidity
that overruled my decisions
Am I gonna fall again to witness
Another tragic drama unfolding before me
Or should I step back
not giving way to this absurdness
Forget about the goosebumps
that send a chill down my spine
Or that momentous thought that;
I've to check up and buzz to see
what's going on the other side
A second's silence... I heave a sigh...
of relief or emptiness, I do not know
Oh well... Another misery or a mystery
I'm yet to find out...

...Threads of thoughts crafted on 20th Sep... Tangled Threads of Thoughts... 

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Dragon Dreamer...

The dreadful dragon slayer
Waiting in the banks of black lake by the lava mountains
Ready for its prey with fire canon balls 'n archery
To shatter the dark 'n beautiful dreams of the dragon rider
And here comes the dragon rider with his mysterious lover
Riding the ice lancer; the fire breathing dragon known for its evil majesty 'n pride alike its rider
As we approach the black lake almost touching the waters
I run my fingers through the shrill waves on its surface and smiling
Failing to foresee the upcoming danger upon the dragon slayer's fury
And the dragon rider himself meets the eyes of the ruthless dragon slayer
The duelling continues between the two rivalries
So swift so dangerous failing to capture moments in split seconds
And then comes the final blow of fire from the dragon slayer against the dragon rider taken by surprise
And the ruthless enemy flees leaving flames of fury to tango their way to meet the dragon rider's soul
My soul freezes seeing the last sight... But i feel the warmth of a spark inside and i look ahead..
To see the dragon rider himself walking from the ashes and his skin untouched by the flames
But leaving only a scar of a tattooed dragon across his chest
And our eyes meet again in harmony wrapped in a cool breeze of hope
For the dragon rider is alive....

(epilogue: fire cannot kill a true dragon rider)
Morning song of the Dragon Dreamer to rise and shine!