Thursday, 22 October 2015


Wish I could count the number of times;
The times I took the phone to call
To ask if we could meet up for one last coffee
But held it in, or things would be harder for you then...
The times I took the phone to text
To wish you a good night's sleep with tender dreams
But held it in, or night would be longer for you then...
The times I wish I could tell
How hard it is to take things easy and smile
But harder I tried, for stronger you would be then...
Saw a conversation of us
I took the phone to go through
But realized twas in a dream of mine...
I close my eyes sometimes
And breathe in the sweet scent of your breath
That still sends a chill down my spine...
For the times we've spent, the sparks we've shared
Not to forget the sweet smiles we cherished
I shall hold this in, so you could move on easier then...
Whole of my soul is craving for that chemistry
For the warmth, the current, the rhythm my love
Oh those nostalgic moments are all coming back to me...
The urge for whole of your soul
To live another second, a flash or a moment
For i could hear your soul's silent call to be with mine...
Oh, we shouldn't get carried away

I hear you whispering, 'n me affirming
For the best of both I know...
So here's a promise not in dreams but reality darling my dear
Now 'n for always I will remember us
in memory of a sacred chemistry
'N we'll survive this together 'n be stronger once more...


  1. The pain behind love. This poem shows it all. The chemistry between words and feelings is very strong.


    1. ... no words could fit in to fill this space; for sometimes silence is far more soothing + painful during those painful times ...