Saturday, 17 October 2015

That Feeling...

I felt twas all worth it
Losing control and letting go of boundaries for him
Never felt that safer
Never felt so happier in life
For he showed me the stars and led all the way up to the milkyway
Haven't felt so heartwarming
With the soothing touch of a heavenly kind
That feeling I don't want to let go of
The tingling flame dancing inside
My soul wouldn't mind igniting with yours
Through that black hole between us, sparked by the current
Leaving us with that feeling of an endless bond
A beautiful feeling called love.. Wrapped in the breeze of affection, sprinkled with magical dusts of excitement, shaded with mighty-oh caring, and blessed with age-old trust
That feeling I want to wake up every morning to and sleep cuddle the night with
Only you would know that art of painting that feeling to bring it to life in reality my love...


  1. A classic masterpiece of brilliant writing of true feelings which comes from deep in the heart. This is simply amazing.


    1. *Poetic bow to indicate; pride 'n privilege is mine for having a classic reader.