Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Don't you say I don't need you

You say 'You don't need me'..
Do I not? Why do you feel so? Do you not feel me?
Oh no, dear; not a moment, hear my thoughts
Silence doesn't mean 'm accepting all doings
Smiles and laughing out loud don't mean 'm all in glee
Getting on with things doesn't mean I've forgotten
Don't you say that I don't care or I've no feelings
You've no idea of the broken soul inside 
The lost spirit dying inside missing that warmth
That tingling flame to dance again and be in flight
That urge to taste the sweet nectar and feel the rhythm
To hear that daring heart beating to soothe mine 
And worry of no other for time has ceased its ticking in favor
I still wonder why we took this path of different tracks
I know 'twas my call, but din't we have reasons?
I want to take back what was said, coz you mean so much
Wishing I could turn back time and be lost in our own worlds
Wishing that we'd cross our paths and meet in time
So we could catch things up and be once back on track 
For Nothing's forgotten my dear, nothing will ever be...


  1. The last few lines are the most painful. It gives tears to anyone who has a heart and who had loved someone.