Thursday, 22 October 2015


Wish I could count the number of times;
The times I took the phone to call
To ask if we could meet up for one last coffee
But held it in, or things would be harder for you then...
The times I took the phone to text
To wish you a good night's sleep with tender dreams
But held it in, or night would be longer for you then...
The times I wish I could tell
How hard it is to take things easy and smile
But harder I tried, for stronger you would be then...
Saw a conversation of us
I took the phone to go through
But realized twas in a dream of mine...
I close my eyes sometimes
And breathe in the sweet scent of your breath
That still sends a chill down my spine...
For the times we've spent, the sparks we've shared
Not to forget the sweet smiles we cherished
I shall hold this in, so you could move on easier then...
Whole of my soul is craving for that chemistry
For the warmth, the current, the rhythm my love
Oh those nostalgic moments are all coming back to me...
The urge for whole of your soul
To live another second, a flash or a moment
For i could hear your soul's silent call to be with mine...
Oh, we shouldn't get carried away

I hear you whispering, 'n me affirming
For the best of both I know...
So here's a promise not in dreams but reality darling my dear
Now 'n for always I will remember us
in memory of a sacred chemistry
'N we'll survive this together 'n be stronger once more...

Saturday, 17 October 2015

That Feeling...

I felt twas all worth it
Losing control and letting go of boundaries for him
Never felt that safer
Never felt so happier in life
For he showed me the stars and led all the way up to the milkyway
Haven't felt so heartwarming
With the soothing touch of a heavenly kind
That feeling I don't want to let go of
The tingling flame dancing inside
My soul wouldn't mind igniting with yours
Through that black hole between us, sparked by the current
Leaving us with that feeling of an endless bond
A beautiful feeling called love.. Wrapped in the breeze of affection, sprinkled with magical dusts of excitement, shaded with mighty-oh caring, and blessed with age-old trust
That feeling I want to wake up every morning to and sleep cuddle the night with
Only you would know that art of painting that feeling to bring it to life in reality my love...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Don't you say I don't need you

You say 'You don't need me'..
Do I not? Why do you feel so? Do you not feel me?
Oh no, dear; not a moment, hear my thoughts
Silence doesn't mean 'm accepting all doings
Smiles and laughing out loud don't mean 'm all in glee
Getting on with things doesn't mean I've forgotten
Don't you say that I don't care or I've no feelings
You've no idea of the broken soul inside 
The lost spirit dying inside missing that warmth
That tingling flame to dance again and be in flight
That urge to taste the sweet nectar and feel the rhythm
To hear that daring heart beating to soothe mine 
And worry of no other for time has ceased its ticking in favor
I still wonder why we took this path of different tracks
I know 'twas my call, but din't we have reasons?
I want to take back what was said, coz you mean so much
Wishing I could turn back time and be lost in our own worlds
Wishing that we'd cross our paths and meet in time
So we could catch things up and be once back on track 
For Nothing's forgotten my dear, nothing will ever be...

Missed Space...

Some leaves swept across the platform as I stepped forward
The wind whistling off tune taking an effort to get the leaves to dance along
The leaves rustled with the dust but momentarily made no move
I gazed at the night skies with hope
Twas dark and cloudy where stars were out of sight
The railway lines stretched far marking dark lines
The benches were empty and I rested on one with weary
The shrill cold wind whistled again giving me goosebumps all over
I tightened and folded my arms against myself
Brushing my hands along my arms to form heat
'Hush, baby' I heard him whispering in my ear
'Twas ticklish and a chill ran down my spine 
As I felt his strong arm around my shoulders drawing me closer
That soothing warmth that lights up my heart 'n soul
Just like a cuppa hot chocolate brewing with hazelnut flavour on a dull rainy day
I closed my eyes and rested my head by his neck under the chin; the cozy spot
'Wham!' 'twas the train horn screaming almost deafening my ears
I looked to my left and found an empty space
Whew... I heaved a heavy sigh drowning in an ocean of thoughts
No one to soothe me nor sing me to sleep
No one to check up on me nor to say e'rything's just alright
Sweet memories whistling but leaving a missed space
A hollow inside my heart seeking for hope and simple smiles
Oh I miss him and his ways.. I was breathing in pain
Just a tear in the corner of my eye, not wanting to face the world
Hoping things will turn out alright at the end...