Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Addicted... forever...

The warmth of your scent
The pulse of your heartbeat pounding against mine
The rhythm of your breathing in sync with mine
And the touch still sending chills down my spine
A flame is dancing in glee in my heart
Tingling to be brought to life deep in my soul
Didn't realize 'm hard core addicted
Until I hit myself hard on the ground
My heart's aching foreseeing what's coming
A soul about to shatter; to pieces close to dust
For every atom is shaking and shivering so swift
Longing for just a little more dose of the drug
Why do I fall for the forbidden nectar
Can't handle this any longer
A feeling too good to be true
A dream I never want to wake up from
It's addiction for a drug that wasn't s'pposed to be tasted
I want the wind to break through my soul
To feel the fire gushing through my blood
And make a futile effort to soothe me
But only a silent tear making its way down
'cause I've broken the rules again oh save me...

-Wondering why way of life has to be so hard...-
 every word, every pause, every sigh.. truly meant... recollecting memories shared..