Sunday, 29 June 2014

Friends Forever and For always, and even longer...

You're a gift of life
A chance I was gifted...
To see the meaning of friendship
To understand and to be understood...
I could always open up and be myself
And always count on you to walk by my side...
Knowing me and coping up my ways
For believing in me and always keeping faith...
You're the sweetness of friendship
Sharing smiles, laughter and those magical moments...
It's a charm that makes my soul blossom
To know that you'll always be there...
My chum you shall be
Friends forever and for always... and even longer...

Dedicating my thoughts to my dearest chums of all times Era & Charmz...
Nothing's forgotten, nothing's ever forgotten...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Whew... I heave a sigh
After another glance at the screen
No text.. no call.. missed in the mobile
What's got on to me
Why this temptation
Urging me to ring back and checkup
Knowing that things won't change
besides there're no feelings for me either
It's just plain mercy and sympathy I'm going through
Nothing more meant to be
I know.. just that it's hard to believe
And convince my heart
That's beating at an off rhythm
In doubt.. in case things would find a twist
Seeking if there's some flick of light in pitch darkness
Oh why it's always trouble
That my temptation seeks
Hopeless and gone all reckless
Not knowing what lies ahead
Is nothing but the deep tides
That silently drown and take one's breath away
Temptation oh I wish it never existed
Or perhaps deep inside 'tis my heart not ready to accept
That 'tis just a shadow I seek.. and nothing more...

-Wishing things would've been simpler, and not harder...-
Dated 17.07.2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Waiting game

he said he's got feelings for another
Asked me if twas alright with me
I smiled back with mixed feelings
And whispered that's nice and I'm happy for him
Felt something inside died and lost
Didn't expect it would happen so fast
I saw my life falling apart
Now having lost in the waiting game
Remembered the sparks of moments we shared
The secret codes and the sweet music
how he played the heart strings when I was down
That heart melting voice always soothing
And the warmth of his heart he shared
All lost memories never to be brought back to life again
No one to play the cheerful strings 
Or to whisper in the ear 'everything will be alright'
And send a chill run down my spine
Not anyone anymore to keep me warm inside
Now that my heart's set on fire
No one to hear me cry, nor feel me sigh
It was a sweet wine of fantasy
For a moment how close I was to eternity
And now so distant and never within reach
'twas the endless waiting game 
The more you keep things to yourself
Wanting for more, hoping something better will find your way
But then all dreams shattered into pieces
Like ice cream stolen off the cone down to your toes
Nothing to indulge, but the cool melting cream left in the cone
Still dripping down the fingers giving goosebumps
Leaving only traces of flicks of moments that are gone forever
Such an empty feeling, hollow and so hard to cope up
Being lost in this waiting game
Not for a moment but forever...

07.April.2014... Lost a forbidden love forever... but wishing him and his love long lasting love...