Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sketches from Childhood

Posted some of my old poetry and short stories composed and written in my childhood days... Hoping to post more of my oldies and new writings soon!

A Glimpse at the years to come

I stared at the clock above the black board lazily and stretched my arms across my desk. I studied my eyes across the classroom and my colleagues were busy, roaring paper rockets all over the class, splashing water, scribbling cartoons on paper and engaging in other work of stupidity. Professor Grimmwich, our lecturer for Physics was carrying out his lecture on ‘Time Dimensions’ with his invention beside him, which he used to call the ‘time machine.’ He was bringing about the relationship of miracles of time and science. It was total nonsense that such contrasting factors could be brought together for comparison – science and enchantment. I strongly had my perspective that one could never travel across time, since I believed time is just another dimension. Time stated 1158h on the clock and I rested my chin on my arms heaving a restless sigh.

The professor then suddenly called me front and I stepped to him thinking what sort of a charm would he perform next – disappear me to the time of apes? It was simply ridiculous. But each time I argued with him, he was bringing out all concepts which are still in experimental process, to give birth for hope to my personal views regarding time. He was in depth of his assumptions that time is a valuable dimension of use, once we get to know its capacity. Professor Grimmwich once again reminded us about the ‘black holes’ in space where particles around the black hole get absorbed in to it and as you are transferred to another location of the universe you find that the time too has changed across the black hole. Well, yet we are not entirely aware of these black holes though scientists believe that they do exist in the universe struggling with very high energy. Also we have heard that once you travel in speeds close to that of light, your aging get retarded as it had been for the astronauts in spaceships. Paranormal and confusing situations are in existence, for which the scientists are in search of clues. But Professor Grimmwich was another time traveler for me as in the tale ‘time machine.’

So as I went to him before the classroom, he placed his remote-controller-like-time machine equipment on my palm and told to operate it. As I switched it on, a foggy smoke covered my surrounding and I couldn’t make out any thing or person around me other than the fumes. Just as I thought it was totally nonsense as I was right there in my classroom standing right beside the professor. I smirked but then after a few seconds only I was capable enough of understanding what has really happened. The entire classroom was filled with the utmost silence and everyone was motionless as if a movie clip has been paused. I drew close to my professor and swayed my hand alongside his eyes, but there wasn’t a single movement. Every one was freeze still. The surprising fact was that, the time on the clock was held stating 1158h. I walked along my class and my friends were like statues. The paper rockets were on air as if trapped by some gravitation alike in the universe. I tried to touch one of the paper rockets but it was sharp as a blade and my finger ended up in bleeding. Maybe you need an extraordinary force to change position of objects within unknown time intervals. My eyes caught the sight of still splashes of water over air in the classroom, but didn’t intend to go through further injuries. The colleagues were wearing still expressions as some had their mouths open wide and making funny faces. I went back before the classroom and took hold of the professor’s time machine equipment and pressed on its button, without the slightest thought of where I will end up next minute. Once again the smoke was around me and I found my classroom visible once again just as it used to be, with all the movements taking place. I glimpsed at the clock in a swish and was lost in confusion to find that it stated the same time 1158h. Everything took place within the minute itself. The professor questioned me for my experiences and I showed him an uncomfortable guilty smile as I walked back to my desk empty minded. I found my finger bleeding and the paper rocket having a slight blood stain due to my weird experience across time. Everything was back to normal – my colleagues, their nasty work and the classroom itself. I took seat at my desk and gave one last stare at the clock hanging at the top of the wall. The time was 1159h. Was it a flash back I had just a minute ago? Or is time really capable enough of being halt and can we travel across time? I was lost in the middle of perplexing questions which were left alone unsolved or disturbed. Time - is that the answer for all our mysteries or should we go ahead…

- The End -

Written date: 28/ 08/ 2006

My Role for Promoting Peace

The day was meant to be bright, for the sun beams danced everywhere; around trees, gleeful birds, flowers but not in the human minds. I held a deep sigh above the shoulders of my Tamil friend, Jeliththa. She was my neighbour and also my best friend. But our families and the outer world were a halt in between our friendship. But almost every day we succeeded in finding few minutes for a chat along such difficulties. We were dreaming about a free nation, lands of peace and a united Sri Lanka where we could build mountains of great friendship that would last throughout lifetimes. But all the while what it mattered was her race. Since she was Tamil and I was Sinhalese, there were endless hardships that led us to despair. When she was very young, her brother was taken in to LTTE by force, when they were settling in Jaffna. It had been a great downfall in Jeliththa’s life. Then only they had come to settle down in our neighbourhood. But even today the people in our neighbourhood are against them and none of them spoke with each other. And now another trouble is heading way towards us. Jeliththa’s father was getting ill and it was worsening day by day. It’s another burden to Jeliththa and me. I comforted her, but she was sobbing clung to me shoulders. She has no other person to cope her grief with. I waited silently till her grief soothed. What is really the cause of his illness? Why can’t he go and meet the doctors for treatments? He was not willing to get treatments from the Sinhalese doctors and there were also certain problems with money. Suddenly there was my name being called by my mother and it was time to depart. I told her not to worry; it was all what I could tell to comfort her. What else could a teenager like me do, to bring peace to our families?

That night we were all dining together and I was not in proper mood. My mother asked what was bothering me and I told her, but it was nothing that mattered to her and she was giving her usual chanting, not to meet Jeliththa. I was listening silently and finally went to bed even without meal. And the following day was a terrible day to my family. We were all up in the morning and my father had gone for weeding outside by the fence. After an hour or so, my mother came in screaming that father’s fallen unconscious when she had gone out to take him tea. We were alarmed and my father was taken to the nearest hospital immediately. We were waiting outside the ICU waiting for the doctor, curious to know what happened to my father in a sudden. The doctor came and we were shocked to know that my father was bitten by a serpent and that he needs blood. And the troublesome situation was that the blood group of my father was ‘O – negative’ which was rare. None of my family members was having that blood group and we were to find out a person who is willing to donate that particular blood to my father.

It was the matter of time we were lacking and the results were worsening. I met Jeliththa that evening and told her what happened. And suddenly she said that her father was having the same blood group. There was no time left for another thought and we both ran to our homes to tell the news. But my mother was against it and she refused it at once. Jeliththa came that late evening with an excited mood. Her father had given his will to donate blood and it was such good news, but how could I change my mother’s mind?

That night we went to visit my father and his wounds were getting worse and the doctor said that the blood has to be given within 24 hours for survival. We were all so desperate. There was no time to waste. I reported Jeliththa the news and she came with her father to speak with my mother. My mother was halfway unconscious and she was not aware of what to be done. Jeliththa’s father too looked weak, but his voice had the humble tone of helping my father, though there were conflictions between him and my father. We all went to hospital that very moment, along with Jeliththa’s family. Both our fathers were together; Jeliththa’s father to donate blood and my father to get healed. We were so anxious being outside and none of us spoke with Jeliththa’s family as our hearts were pounding with trembled thoughts.

Hours passed and the doctor approached us with a smile to announce the successful blood donation. He spoke with Jeliththa’s family and appreciated their attempt being Tamils. Within a few minutes we were allowed to visit our fathers. There lay my father on bed being well and we told him about the blood donation. He was astonished to hear the news and he together with my mother felt so guilt at their hearts for the way they treated Jeliththa’s family from the start. They apologized Jeliththa’s father and he gave back a meek smile in return.

Within the next few days my father was home in good condition. But Jetliththa’s father was not fine. As I told my father about the situation, he worked out all expenses for the sickness of Jeliththa’s father which was latterly found out to be high blood pressure. Both our families were bound with blood from that day on and we were quite good neighbours. The race was none it mattered and Jeliththa and I succeeded in bringing peace to the two of our families. But the society and the country are still left to be healed. We may be children that may never involve in bringing peace in between nations of the country, but there’s a responsibility that all we children are bound to fulfill, in this peace process. It’s to bring a peaceful nature between our families. You may feel it’s impossible, but with hope you’ll learn it’s possible. A family leads to the society or the country and as long as these families are united with peace, so do the society and the country. So let us get together hand in hand as communicators to promote peace in the country giving start from our own families.

- The End -


My wrist watch beeped with a monotonous tone for a few seconds and I was relieved at last. My private tuition class duration was over and the day’s lesson was meant to stop. I held my books in my arms and stepped out of the class towards the big oak tree by the main highway, where my big brother used to wait to walk me home along with his bike. But, he wasn’t there. I sped my way towards the tree to have a clear glimpse, but he was out of sight. He couldn’t have forgotten me. I was still, with my thoughts skiing their way for an answer. Oh, that’s what it was. I was giggling to myself. But, could he be that angry or furious with me? It’s true I was making him steam with my silly jokes which I never meant to be stern. So he has not come on purpose, to teach me a fine lesson for turning him angry with my jokes. The next minute I was up to my feet all my way home thinking of ways to bring a friendly nature between me and my brother. Being so fond with my brother I could never remain angry with him, so I had to be friendly with him somehow or other. As I stepped in to the veranda leading to my home, I kept the books on my study desk and slowly tip toed to my brother’s room and peeped in to it. No way! He wasn’t there. He always used to be in his room most of the time of the day. Then I looked for him in the entire house, but he was missing.

My father pays his visit to home once in a week while my mother reaches home late evening or almost night. Therefore grandmother was the only other person occupied in the household chores during day time, apart from us. So I paced myself to the pantry and asked her about brother. He had left with some of his friends whom grandma failed to recognize. I felt so solemn and hollow for making him annoyed. So I waited till his presence. Hours rushed but he wasn’t home. It even turned late evening and a guilty feeling ran along my nerves. How could I know where he has gone? Who were the friends? I took one of his diaries and dialed the telephone numbers of some of his friends. They have known nothing about him for several weeks and not that friendlier either. They were even anxious to know who was so interested or caring to him afterall. What was wrong with my brother? I dialed some more telephone numbers and there was the same answer. My brother seemed to have found some new friends. It’s none of my business to deal with his friends, but why isn’t he home by now? When I was about to dial my mother’s mobile number, I heard someone at the verandah.

I leapt to my feet and ran to the entrance door and I was so glad to find my brother making his way inside. He looked so exhausted and he was sweating so badly. His face was yellowish with red rings under his eyes. He seemed way too depressed and very sick. But he was feeling quite well that morning. I asked him why he was late but he shouted at me most irritably. He was downright rude and I held my tongue shut without a single other word. He was heading straight to his room and I brought him water which he took no notice of. Then I had his dinner ready and gave it to him which he refused, yelling that he had no appetite to eat, but leave him alone. I turned so upset and apologized him for what I said in the morning. But he was not listening and I was in tears to find him fast asleep on his bed. He has never treated me nor behaved like this before.

Days passed and the atmosphere round my brother was turning worse than ever. His outgoings were unusually weird. Once he reach home he gets to sleep for twenty continuous hours straight and leaves again as he wakes up. He was no longer my good old brother. And I soon realized that the joke I did that morning to turn him angry was nothing that mattered and it was no way close to his abnormal behaviour. Soon enough my mother was aware of his sudden behaviour, so was my father. But they found lack of time to attend to him and I was helpless. There was one of my cousin sisters who used to be a medical student in university. Now she must be a doctor already giving treatments to medically unstable people. I phoned her and ‘yes,’ she was a doctor. I was cheerful to have found the correct person at last. I explained the situation clear enough and according to the symptoms she said what the kind of disease it was. I was shocked and the receiver slipped my hands.

What? That’s impossible! My brother is addicted to “Heroin?” I couldn’t believe what I heard and I rushed to my brother’s room. He was once again gone. I made way to his table and stared at the desk-top contents. There was my brother; smiling and his arms around me in the photo which was taken a few months ago. How was he, just before a couple of days ago and how is he now? I sighed and then I saw a silvery like thing at the side of his table. I drew myself further towards it and was curious to find something more or less alike a needle. As I drew closer there were more such needles. If that happened to be a real needle, why should he use one? He never used needles and no one in the house used needles, other than mending them from somewhere outside. And just beside the needles there was a rough paper scribbled ‘Morphine’ everywhere. What’s all these needles and ‘morphine’s? Certainly, they have to be related with his unusual behaviour. I didn’t know much about heroin or its effects, but knew that it was something dangerous. I have to save my brother somehow and for that, I have to learn about heroin and its relationship to these needles and morphine if they do have something to deal with morphine.

In the coming days I was busy learning myself about heroin and keeping regular contacts with my cousin sister who was a doctor. We verified that my brother is suffering from ‘heroin addiction’ and that ‘morphine’ was one such heroin in use, while the needles were used to inject such a drug. With each detail I was troubled and frightened. My parents were terrified to hear that their own son is addicted to heroin. They were contacting all kinds of physicians and psychiatrists for heroin treatments. Both my parents were at leave from work and my cousin sister too came to board in our home till the situation is turning calm. Then and there we were up to action. And in the next few days we all were trying to get closer to my brother, to talk over with him. My father avoided brother’s outings by force. It was unbearable to see my brother crying for morphine for every three or four hours. He was having high fever and lying blue on bed being almost paralyzed and unconscious. Days and weeks passed and my brother had to go through many treatments for most of which I could hardly understand or which were unbearable to stare at.

Now there’s my brother brought back to life, fully recovered. It’s been almost three months from his recovery. I’m relieved that I finally had my dear old brother and I surely did learn a lot about heroin after all. It’s the addicting part which worsens the person’s behaviour. The new set of friends of my brother made him addict to heroin. The friends, whom you associate, play a major role in your life when bringing up changes whether good or bad. You have to have self confidence not to lose your already built-up personality and discipline as well as the mature understanding of good and bad. It’s said that, prevention is always better than cure. After you’ve done the mistake it’s rather impossible to recover back or correct it, and you’ll end up in disappointment. There may be many brothers, uncles and fathers of you; who are going through my story, who are addicted for drugs in a similar manner. But if you have a close relationship within the family, nurtured by love, affection, care and protection, you’ll hardly be misled or undergo that fierce ‘addiction.’

- The End -
Date written: 29/ 05/ 06

In Search of Serenity

“Two more soldiers killed in Vavuniya – both were killed on the spot; fired at by suspected LTTE cadres at Veppankulam,” the newspaper headlines shot out one of the latest crime scenes of the country. No doubt there’ll be more. The country’s all covered with the mist of crime and fear these days. A major general of the army was assassinated just a few days ago. Several bomb explosions were reported in certain regions of the country while some bombs are discovered in turn. And the LTTE, which is more commonly referred to as Tigers is presumed to be the cause in all these cases. Our parents fear to send us school, after all the true or false rumours spread about the tigers attacking the popular Buddhist schools in the country. But the government assures that there’s nothing to panic as it is just a tale. But how can we assure the government for our own safety when the army generals are doubtful of theirs? I’m facing my A-levels next year and as A-level being a top level exam, it is a waste even to miss school for a few days due to these rumours.

While some worry about schooling, others do worry about their pleasure. My sisters, who have completed their O-level exams and waiting for results to be issued, are blaming the country for not having a friendly atmosphere. That is because they are missing the opportunity to enjoy shopping or going for movies or picnics with their friends. It’s so unfair in the aspects of a teenager or a youth to have such an alarming situation in the country so as to lose their freedom in studying or entertainment. What I mentioned so far is the injustice that the Sri Lankan people have to face due to LTTE. But it’s not just the Sinhalese people that suffer all these discrimination, what about the Tamils who undergo much more fierce experiences? The LTTE is ruling the North of Sri Lanka presiding Jaffna as the main town. Inhabitants in Jaffna have to pay taxes for the government as well as the LTTE and they undergo much more restrictions being treated as slaves of these Tigers. And the Tamil youths are forced to join the LTTE for war or death would be their destiny.

Is that what we long for - Death - Fear? It was in 1948 Sri Lanka crowned as an independent country. But what is the plight that has come to Sri Lanka now? We feel that it’s disappointing that the Sri Lankan army is not taking direct actions to wage war against the LTTE. It’s true that waging a war is unfair after all the peace talks the government had with LTTE to finally set up Ceasefire agreements. But once they have failed to continue Ceasefire after all their attacks, why not we defend ourselves against them? That’s what any one would think when living as a victim to all these threats. I may seem partial with my ideas against the LTTE, but are we not to survive in this country or to lead a tranquil life without fear? Many citizens believe that the Tamils are the cause for all these destructions and crimes. Though there’re Tamils in the LTTE, all the rest of the innocent Tamils have nothing to do with it. They are just helpless with lost hope for survival. But how unfortunate we are in search of peace? Thoughts of ignorance and frustration are drenched in our minds against the Tamils. We are lacking social integration with them where we find many Sinhalese people cursing them or treating them as if they were of some inferior caste. If the present situation continues further, soon there’ll be assassinations of Tamils by the Sinhalese people as there were in the late 1980s, where Sinhalese murdered the Tamils when a troop of Sri Lankan army soldiers were killed by the Tigers.

Where it will end will simply be a dream, but where it will continue is there in reality. Should that be justice? What do we seek in every other aspect of life? Isn’t it the serenity or peace to live better than how we are today? But how many of us gain that freedom? Do you think you’ll gain that liberty in life through all these wars? There’ll never be an end, but for the anticipation of killing one another in revenge. This vengeance will grow within the bloods of the future generation and so forth never will it come to end.

And that’s why we should try ourselves to live together with the hope of giving birth to a society nurtured with harmony and love for one another. It’s the understanding what we lack. Whoever is wrong, I believe that person has to be given a chance to learn what’s right and justice. But without proper understanding how are we to know the expectations of others? Lack of understanding leads to frustration and finally to betrayal, where wars emerge in to scene. That’s what I see as the cause to all these destructions. Once a party fails to fulfil his or her expectations there arise the greed for fortune. And this greed leads to rob or to claim the ownership for what is belonged to others. Then to protect what you have gained, you defend yourself, property or murder ones who come to threaten. Finally there begins a war, where resources and lives from each party are lost.

In most of the situations, it’s simply of no use to argue about this matter – since the politicians are considered to be the only capable authorities to take all the decisions through out this peace process. But as independent citizens we should also be able to contribute our help in this peace process. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth giving a try to improve understanding among others so as to live together as a free nation attaining serenity for our lives.

- The End -
Written in 2006

Plane Plunges into Sea

“Plane plunges into sea”. The headline was stated on the first page of the newspaper. My eyes fixed on the headline with horror. My mind drew to the past with those cold memories.

It was a gloomy day on Monday, the 30th of September. I started packing my things in to my bags. We were to reach the Katunayake airport by 2200h. Within half an hour we were there at the entrance of the airport. We rushed to the door of the aero plane which stated “101”. And there, we took seats of that very plane, which was to fly to Los Angeles. I got a seat by the window and I was much contented, ‘cause, I always loved to have a seat by the window, so I can have a good look of the surrounding. When it was 2400h in the midnight, we were flying over the “Bermuda Triangle”. My legs started clattering and an eerie thought ran along my nerves. I have read about the “Bermuda Triangle” and it was a place where ships that sailed along it and planes that flew over it, got disappeared.

Suddenly I felt a magnetic power activating from far below towards my feet. And the plane started to drag down as if it was magnetized by some enormous power. People started to scream and I held the arm of my seat so tight for I couldn’t get my hands off it. I couldn’t think of anything except my parents. I turned around to look at them, but all the people around me seemed dizzy and blur to my sight. My mind ran all around about the “Bermuda Triangle”. Scientifically the cause for this is the gravitational force around the “Bermuda Triangle”. As it had a great power of gravity all over this place, the ships and aero planes, which went towards this “Bermuda Triangle”, were dragged in to this “Bermuda Triangle” and were disappeared.

Suddenly there was a loud splashing sound and the plane was plunged in to the deep blue sea. My eyes were focused on the window and I saw fish of different patterns and styles diving away from our plane. The plane sunk and struck on the hard rock sending bubbles and then there were pieces of the plane all around us. When I took my full effort to swim to the surface, a man caught my leg. I struggled like anything and kicked the old man, not knowing whether it was my father or not and without even feeling sorry for him. By that moment I only thought about surviving my life. The next second I continued diving to the surface, but some sort of power hauled me to the core of the earth. Though I used all sort of techniques of diving that I could think of, it was helpless. I felt my final breath losing from my lungs and then I could not think of anymore, for that was the end of me.

Now I’m just a soul or perhaps a ghost. I heard the father of the church memorizing us after getting to know that we had left this world, earning death. I’m lifeless and now I just float along in the atmosphere, thinking of that cold, gloomy memory of that very past. I held a last glance of the headline and joined the fellow spirits of the atmosphere.

- The End -

Killer Shark

As an 18 year old, I used to stare at the sea with awe. Very soon, I will have to go in there to grow corals. By this time the scientists had invented a way to grow corals under sea at the coastal area. My father worked for the Corals Department with the hope of saving corals, which protected the beach from sea erosion. And he; my father, was the one who invented a method to grow corals. There was a diving team in the Corals Department to fulfill this task and my father also belonged to this team. He always taught me the value of corals and how he grew corals with his fellow divers. But unfortunately one day my father didn’t return home from diving. We were drawn apart when we got to know that father and a few more divers were killed by a “Killer Shark”, one of the most dangerous sharks. My mother wept for losing him, but I wept thinking of my future; for I also have to be a diver like my father and might get killed by the “Killer Shark”. I was informed that I should join the Corals Department by 18 years old. By then I was just 16 years old.

As usual I sat by the seashore watching the tide and waves roaring against the rocks. Today’s my 18th birthday. But I was not slightest happy, but with anger filled with fear. I watched the busy sea gulls catching fish with their swift beaks. The golden sun turned red and sank in the faraway horizon. The clouds flushed in orange and red, as they’d been shy. In a sudden, I felt an arm on my shoulder. It was my mother holding an envelope with excitement. My hands shivered as I took out the letter with my both hands. My heart stopped beating as I went through it. The letter was from the Corals Department as I hoped, informing that I have passed the diving sessions and related exams and therefore chosen for the diving group. I showed mother a faint smile and went home to make ready the necessities for the following day. Once I fell asleep that night, I only dreamt about Killer Sharks which made me feel rather terrible.

The next morning I watched the sun rise from the horizon as the salty wind hugged me farewell. I was ready to dive with rest of the divers. Within a few minutes I was undersea working out the duties with my fellow divers. But then my eye caught the sight of a dark shadow nearby which led my heart beating with a rapid thud, as I continued on with my work. The next minute what I saw was a whole area of the sea flushing in red; and it was BLOOD! I realized what had happened. It was that Killer Shark again. The thought of the Killer Shark turned me cold. I dived towards my team mates to report the emergency which was a rule, at danger. But I was too late, for it had attacked the rest of divers leaving me and one another. Both of us sped towards the surface to reach our boat. My companion was slower and finally he too was a victim. The next second, its eyes caught the sight of me and it started speeding after me. I was rather exhausted for I couldn’t swim any further. The shark caught my fin and pulled me towards its fearful jaws inviting me for his prey. With a great struggle and confusion, I dragged my dagger up high and struck the shark’s eye, which was filled with fury. The shark slowing for the bottom, crying with great pain and that must have been its end. Next I hurried to our boat and returned home. All were so surprised and proud of me, for what I had done. But rather than the fame I earned, I was much more satisfied, as I took the revenge from that Killer Shark for killing my father.

That day was the day which I faced the most dangerous situation during my life so far. But even after that incident, I still continue on with my job of growing corals. Each time, when I remember that incident and those fierce eyes of that shark, I believe that it was just an omen. But yet I have to go on, as my fate calls upon.

- The End -

A ripped soul

I’ve ripped my soul apart
Feeling empty now, a hollow inside my heart…
A feeling strived to live
But now ‘tis dying, for a chance was never given to live…
‘Twas the first, ‘twas the deepest I could ever imagine
Never have my spirit had such an urge before…
But now that all hope has faded, and I’m missing even more
A forbidden love, a broken heart, let alone a ripped out soul…
Wishing it could only be a nightmare
Or maybe just that, my heart’s never destined to be loved…

Dated as long as it deserves…
Composed on December the 4th, 2011...

Love for an ocean

Never have I thought a soul could be more inspired,
until I saw the ocean, so deep yet so mysterious...
Never imagined a spirit could be so overwhelmed and lost by the sight of it,
making every second urging me to stay longer and never leave...
Never have I wondered a feeling could be more soothing,
just to feel so light freeing all sorrows and stress...
Never believed a heart could fall for the mere serenity and the depth unseen,
leaving one with a pain so heart-breaking, but never wanting to let go as if a spell was casted...
Never have I wanted to believe one could fall in love with the strange ocean,
that's never yours or would have never felt you the way you did...
But 'tis the mere truth you never want to speak of,
but wish it was known to exist in the least for a moment...
May you be blessed forever and for always,
and thank you for each and everything as always...
'Cause you're the ocean my chum and will always will be...

Composed on November the 29th, 2011..

Christmas Eve

Autumn passed leaving everywhere brown
Winter comes letting the birds frown
Snow flakes covers the lovely ground
Cold breeze hugs every thing in rounds

Children's faces glitter with lovely smiles
Christmas trees rule brightness every mile
The evening star that shines up so high
Brings light to each poor & wise

Christmas carols sung in every church
Echoes to the elves in busy work
Gifts pass from their hands to hands
Santa comes to gift them to every land

Christmas cakes made in every house
Candy and sweets that water our mouths
Their scented smell touches the noses
Of the Santa's rein deer in gorgeous

Prayers heard all day and night
Christmas strikes in clocks so high
Santa drops gifts as he passes by
Christmas eve is a joy for sight

Haunted Temper

The evil charms flutter
Cursing the utmost atmosphere
With winds that turn in to hurricanes
As my blood chills the nerves with pain
My rage rises again…
The lightening of my eyes
And thundering of my voice
Shattering of my bones
Leaving me so gloom and cold…
With so fury and anguish
My anger bubbles in there;
The cauldron of forbidden serenity, how dare,
All concentrations lost and deep sighs taking place
Tearing my thoughts of confusion
That force me into further panic,
With puzzling and unsolved mystery
My dream worlds are knocked in history,
My pleasures lost and loneliness spared
While everything seems fragile and in-vain
As they did it again…
Roused my ‘Temper’……
And now beware…
‘Cause it haunts its mistress and everywhere
And strikes……
Calm after storm
As finally it ends……

Quenching Thirst

Science beyond miracles
Lifted to indefinite truths
As their brains stuffed with bugs
Spin endlessly in speeds of light
Everything made possible
Under their greed for nectar of evolution
They’ve tuned the sun blue
And conquered the stars
All heavens are there
With them, every nanosecond
But yet they go on
Without the slightest hesitance
Across all their infinite dreams
Solving mysteries ahead
To quench their thirsts
O’ human but where will it end
Your endless thirsts for technology…
What about wining life’s serenity
Yet ‘tis another mystery,
Forgotten to be unsolved…

Composed on 28/ 08/ 06

Being a Nineteen Plus

I had a dream since I was a little girl
Waiting impatiently to be at late teens
I thought it's a sensation
So fascinating and thrililng
To stand alone high above the juniors
And never get teased by the rest..
But now I weap with such bitterness
For being nineteen plus so early
To have left all the fun and passion
That I used to have as a teenager..
Being a nineteen plus is never easy
Full of difficulty and so much stress
Such misunderstanding that they never believe
And too many responsibilities I have to tackle with...
They think I'm no longer a kid
So never bothers for a talk or a laugh to share with
I feel no more affection nor love or care
Nothing but a doubt or curiosity to be aroused with...
Didn't know growing is such a burden
And that you are hardly ever felt or understood
But misery and worries all counting by
Leaving much more suffering or pain to cry upon
But maybe that's why 'tis called life
But my heart's still there in my childhood...

Composed on 12/ 02/ 08

The Nature

Lovely day on a sunny May
Sun glares in flares so bright
Sea in south so blue in sight
Rolls its waves up so high

Birds sing and monkeys swing
In sound sweet and pounce neat
Bees buzz and round in buds
Flowers bloom in lovely tune

Honey sweety in busy hives
Bears greedy seek the sweet
Sparrows fly hunger in lives
In beaks with golden wheat

The bushes a bunny hops through
The ponds a fish swims through
The trees a snake crawls along
The woods a herd moves along

Dew drops fall off the leaves
As the clouds pass the moon
The dark rules the night soon
As the moon passes through

We love you dad

You gave us light to step to might
Things you taught from day to night,
You filled our minds with greater thoughts
And gave us all the things you could.

You earned money for what we need
And bought things that we may need,
You fed us food as well as knowledge
And paved us the way at the college.

We love you for what you are
For being there to share,
All our sorrows and gay and fear
Equally an advice with tender care.

You've been our greatest dad
Who always tried to keep us glad,
We always appreciate your work
And never make you feel any bad.

On this special father's day
We have something for you to say,
That we love you and care forever
As long as we would stay

A Mother's Love

This very special day is the mothers’ day
It is lighted with bright sun rayers
And scented with the sweet perfumes
Of lovely flowers full of petals

Dew drops dazzle in silvery gems
On the gleaming leaves of the stems
Morning birds fill our hearts
With music sweeter than tarts

The morning refers to a mother’s love
Which is deeper than the great blue sea
That bound we have with one another
Will last forever as the hive without bother

Mother your sweet melodies we hear
Our sorrows you will bear
Our joy you will share
And mum we love you forever

Miraculous Night

After the sun says good bye
The moon greets us saying "hi",
With its silver rays around
And the twinkling stars surround.

The night spreading dark along
Birds heading where they belong,
Night time flowers blooming wide
Dreams guiding you aside.

Owls hoot a fearful tune
During this lovely June,
Evening star shines so high
A fairy flies along the sky.

Holding her magic wand in glee
She makes a wish greater than the sea,
And as she taps the lovely petals
They turn into stars and twinkle.

The sky smiles with a bright light
The fairy dances with all her might,
She blinks and disappears from sight
This is the stare in a miraculous night